Whispers __ “a yellow dress”


The souls of your feet slightly numbing on the cold, firm, wet sand

Hypnotically stepping forward into the endless night, seemingly forever, not wanting to turn around

The still darkness interrupted by the deafening roar of the waves to your left

In between the crash of each rhythmic wave, the faint sounds of the city off to the right somewhere, the glow of the light generated by everyone busy reflecting upward

Your easy gaze focused on the narrow glisten of moonlight along the edge of each crested wave

You carry your shoes by the thin straps in one hand, the other with fingers intertwined in his

The air still warm on your face from the day’s hot sun

A wave, splashes up cold just over your knee, startled, you jump into him

He catches you, feeling safety in his arms

Your dress wet, it clings cold

Under your breath, whispering  .  .  .

I love you

You had never told him that before

But, everything feels so right, it just came out

Wondering if he heard it

A little scared he did

But deep down hoping he did, just wanting him to say it back

Now very aware of your own uncomfortable silence  .  .  .

And then he says, “I loved you first”