‘Bubbly’ by Colbie Caillat / Cover Snippet by TyC . . . 

‘Smash’ by Beyonce’ Knowles / Cover by TyC . . . 


screen-shot-2013-03-10-at-11-39-50-am-1[NEWS] Jacksonville, Florida … November 29, 2012.tinypurplehearts
  Two years ago, TyC’s mother was a contestant on the Business Starter, which was a reality TV show that was hosted by the CEO of Hit Records Worldwide. The show consisted of 7 ex-felons and a couple of moms that had given birth to more than one child prior to graduation from high school. The  show’s concept was to get businesses up and running with only $50 in capital by individuals that society had counted out. Of the ten contestants seven got businesses up and running, one returned to prison, another was just lost touch with. TyC’s mother had more heart then three people put together, but for the life of her she could not come up with a viable business idea. After the final episode of the series the CEO of Hit Records vowed to help her until she someday got a business going.

TyC Studio

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A year after the last episode of the show TyC’s mother during a phone conversation with the CEO of Hit Records she mentioned that her daughter could sing and thought wouldn’t it be a dream come true if her daughter could become a Cinderella Slipper™ Girl and her business could be to manage her daughter’s singing career.

The night before Thanksgiving TyC stepped into the Platinum Sound studios in Jacksonville to work with producer/engineer Paul Lapinske. With bated breath the CEO waited to receive the tracks hoping and wishing TyC could sing  __ at midnight the track arrived.