Shayla💕 . . . The Fairy Tale

[May 4, 2016 @ 6:07 pm EDT] . . . Shayla from the courthouse in downtown Tampa texts Rob (CEO of HRW Music Group who’s in the Atlanta office)

[Shayla texting to Rob] Rob, I’m going to jail for two years, I was 6 minutes late. The judge said I had to be here not one minute later than 6:00 pm exactly or else; I’M GOING TO JAIL FOR TWO YEARS

the police officer said he’s pickin’ me up from school tomorrow n takin’ me to jail

my life sucks

my mom’s abandoned me 3 times

my life totally sucks

nobody cares about me

[Rob to Shayla] calm down

we can fix this

call me on my cell

[Shayla to Rob] I don’t wanna talk Rob

(Five minutes pass)

[Rob to Shayla] Where are you

call me

(Five more minutes pass)

[Rob to Shayla] Shayla what’s going on

you need to call me

(Ten minutes pass)

[Rob to Shayla, again] Shayla, text me back!!!!!!!!!!

[Shayla to Rob] guess where I am

[Rob] where

[Shayla] I walked to the parking garagefb_garage

(The parking garage is about a mile from the courthouse. Rob, Ari and Shayla would ride the elevator to the tenth floor of this downtown Tampa parking garage. Then they’ed longboard the ramps down at ever quickening and eventually break-neck speeds down and around, and around to the bottom. It was cool!)

[Rob] why

did you take your longboard to the courthouse

[Shayla] no

[Rob] why are you at the parking garage

[Shayla] cuz I wanted to remember the good times when you, me and Ari longboarded here

[Rob] ok, where at parking garage

[Shayla] 10th floor

[Rob]  what, where on the 10th floor

(Rob begins to tighten, this isn’t good. The 10th floor is open-air with a 4 foot retaining wall around the outside edge.)

[Shayla]  I’m sitting on the wall with my legs hanging over the edge ready to push myself off

(Rob tears out of the office, jumps in his car and screams towards the free-way entrance, but realizes this is over in like five minutes. He slams on the breaks, pulls a U-turn and flies into a church parking lot, car all sideways, jumps out and whispers, “I don’t know what to do. I can’t fix it this time. Give this girl a sign; get her down off that ledge! This thing is over in like two minutes.”)img_4204-e1460119628439-768x1024

[Three minutes later Shayla texts a picture and says] Rob, I was ready to slide off the edge and I look up

I see this rainbow

I asked, “Is this for me, a sign to get down?”

then it turns into a double rainbow and gets really bright

img_1274-768x1024[Shayla to Rob]

I’m down

I’m shaking