Shayla Press Release

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Teen girls spend over two hours a day on social media. In America alone that’s 135 million hours a day. Wow!!!

What if there was a formula that could harness some of that ‘Social Power’ to help fund organizations around the world helping kids growing up in places where it is hardest to be a kid? Shayla’s chief architect uniquely pledges 27.5% of his profits to these organizations, to be selected by the users.

Introducing Shayla, an industry disruptive social platform smartly engineered to help solve key problems facing kids today.

Shayla’s distinctive functional architecture matches specific pages with key teen issues like; fitting in, being part of something larger than themselves, anti-bullying or just a quiet place to reflect with a whisper of possible romance in its ‘Room of Hearts’ page.

Join us this December as we Test Flight Shayla on Apple through our Indiegogo funding campaign.

Shayla, it just may change your life.