[NEWS] Tampa, Florida … November 29, 2012. Shayla had her first voice lesson with our Nashville voice coach earlier this week – working on the high notes. Here she is in the studio singing a ‘Cover’ of “The Only Exception” by Paramore.


‘Only Exception’ by Paramore / Full Cover by Shayla-nicole . . .

‘Safe and Sound’ by Taylor Swift / Cover by Shayla-nicole . . .

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screen-shot-2013-03-10-at-11-39-50-am-1[NEWS] Tampa, Florida … July, 2012. 
The CEO of Hit records has a story of a 14 year old girl in the foster care system – a very special story of a foster child with heart as big as you can stretch your arms out to each side of you.
The CEO of Hit Records was invited to attend a talent show put on by a highly effective non-profit organization, “Daughters of Destiny” that mentors young inner-city, at-risk young ladies. The CEO had been seated at a table with ten highly energetic  young ladies acting like they just don’t get out much – they were all having the time of their lives. Actually, the young ladies  really don’t get out much; they were all teenagers and residents of foster care facility – a special home for teenage girls that have been abandoned or abused.tinypurpleheartspink hearts sm

One young lady seated next to the CEO keep going on and on about one of her friends seated at the far end of the table who she claimed could really sing. Within the first 5 seconds of Shayl’s song the widest smile came easily across the CEO’s face – he was thinking, “It funny, sometimes you’re looking so hard to find some little piece of talent within a new, young singer that is growing up in a difficult situation that you almost make things up in your head so that they perhaps sound better than they really are.”


Within 6 weeks Hit Records Worldwide had been granted permission to begin working with Shayla because she was classified as a ward of the state of Florida.


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. . . . Shayla says,
 “I started singing when I came out of the womb. I did not scream or wail, I like to think of it as a high pitched, long, horrible note to work on.” She remembers singing at the Waffel House in third grade – “I was singing happy birthday to a woman earning myself three bucks.”

. . . . Shayla says, “But best of all, yet worst of all, I have the ability to forgive and put others before me. I don’t like to see the bad in people, I believe they are entirely good. But, if the bad comes out in you, you see the darker side of me. But, I might say I can live without you __ but I can’t.”kissScreen Shot 2013-02-19 at 7.27.35 PM

. . . . Hit Records Worldwide says, “We are thinking she will be writing some great lyrics for her songs!”

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screen-shot-2013-03-10-at-11-39-50-am-1[NEWS] Tampa, Florida … February 2013.
 WOW!   Shayla is going to be reunited with her mother. It happens next Friday, February 15th. This is a big week for Shayla-nicole because she just got a boyfriend (you can tell because she wrote his name on the back of her left hand with a Sharpie marker. And besides all that, it turns out that she can play the keyboards – we found out at our meeting with her last week at the Joshua House. She is going to start bringing her keyboard and skateboard to the practice sessions on Friday nights.

screen-shot-2013-03-10-at-11-39-50-am-1[NEWS] The NYC town … March 9, 2013.
 Okay bad dog!   Shayla is going to NYC with her mother. How are they getting there? In an 18 wheeler. Who’s drivin’? Her mom.