Phase 1


January, 2012 __ Open American Independent Record Label

Jan. 2012 – July, 2016 __ Seed / Early Start-up stage

The-7-stages-of-business-life-cycleEnrollment; We accepted 20 teen disadvantaged teen girls growing up in group homes, foster care, homeless shelters, the projects, single parents, an ex-felon parent, many from the  juvenal justice system that dreamed of being singers.

Recording Career; Even for artists with major labels, only one-in-twenty have a highly successful career in music.

College; Given the very low likelihood of becoming a famous singer we placed heavy empress on success in academics. To date we have nine girls in college. We established a unique partnership with Clayton State University for our girls with in-state tuition, year-around dorm availability, overlooking arrest records and special assistance for financial aid. We also have a partnership with Gwinnett Technical College with full scholarships, paid book fees, food and bus fare allowance for a 2 year degree.

College Enrolled for 2016 / 2017:

LaQuinta __ Berklee College of Music, Boston

TyC __ Ohio University

Ariel __ Shelton State, Alabama

Monique __ Eastern Florida State College

CiCi __ Florida State University

Morgan-english __ Texas A&M (Prairie View campus)

Jade __ Georgia Perimeter College _ transfer to University of Georgia

Charlene __ Georgetown University, MD

Darleen __ George Mason, Washington DC

Najma __ US Air Force (Intelligence)

College Internship Program:

Karsyn __ Belmont College of Music, Nashville

Maddy __ Wittenberg University / Palais Corbelli, Vienna, Austria

Kristian __ Florida International University / Musicians Institute

High School Seniors; Applying in 2016 / 2017:

Lynise __ Senior, applying to Temple and Clark in Atlanta

Ari __ Senior, somewhere in NYC; working on financial aid applications,

High School Underclassmen:

Shayla __ 11th grade

Brittany __ 11th grade

Diana __ 11th grade

Lonna __ 10th grade

Dasia __ 10th grade



Here’s the real deal of working with our teen girls;

Rob, ‘They are just to difficult to work with. They talk back. The’re undisciplined. If you are ever going to have a record label that is successful; you need to find all new girls.”

Rob, “I can’t teach these girls anything, they don’t listen. All they care about is being on their phones doing social media. We don’t want to work with you anymore.”

“All these girls do is fight amongst themselves. Its too much drama all the time for us. They drive us crazy. Rob, I know you don’t want to hear this, but we think you’re just waisting your time.”

Maybe the’re all right; but, maybe they are wrong! 

We’re not giving up on these girl’s hopes.