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Dec __  Open Cinderella Factory, LLC., a multi-media company. (name changed to HRW Music Group, LLC in 2016)


Feb – Nov __ Production of season one of ‘BusinessStarter’ reality TV show with 7, live 30 minute shows to help ten ex-felons open business, thereby helping reduce re-incarceration rates.

Jul __ As little league coach, the CEO of Cinderella Factory establishes the ‘Cinderella Slipper Live Your Dreams’ summer camp for 60 cheerleaders growing up in the projects in attempts to help break the Teen Pregnancy Cycle. This is camp were girls were asked to write their dreams on a 3×5 card. Maya Turner, a singer, wins talent show last day of camp.


Jan __ Officially open Hit Records Worldwide to continue helping Maya Turner from the summer camp live her dream of becoming a professional singer.

Jan __ Open Tampa FCC, a little league football and cheer conference with help of USA Football, Tampa Parks & Rec. to open two teams in highly economically disadvantage neighborhoods in Tampa, helping fulfill the dream of one of the contestants from the ‘BusinessStarter’ reality TV show.

Jan __ We structure unique recording agreements where girls receive 1/2 of revenue streams, significantly higher than music industry standards.

Feb __ Ariel becomes first signed artist.

Jul __ Meet Shayla from the Joshua House (group home for teen girls) at open-mic event sponsored by Daughters of Destiny.

Oct __ Begin talks with Joshua House to sign Shayla. Children’s Home Society of Florida performs Level II full FBI background check on CEO.

Nov __ Shayla becomes second signed artist.


Mar __ Begin staffing Hit Records Worldwide with college interns. Company is 100% staffed by 250 virtual, volunteer college interns over last 3 years.  Apply

Jan __ Auditions held for ‘Shoulda Been a Boy Bank’ consisting of 5 teen girls.

Jan __ Hit Records Worldwide begins works with 20 + disadvantage teen girls building our Artist Development program to build a girl band.

Feb __ Parter with, a community based nonprofit that works with
teens from the juvenal justice system offering to help the girls with dance, voice, and songwriting skills.

Mar __ Begin working with Ari, a friend of Shayla’s from 8th grade, where they were both expelled several times. Shayla flunks 8th grade, Ari barely passes. Ari becomes the choreographer for the girl group.

Apr __ Ari becomes third signed artist. Turns out the girl can dance and Sing!


Nov __ Record ‘Impossible’, the first (and only) song by ‘Shoulda Been a Boy Bank’

Dec __ Reggie Johnson named AVP. Reggie was a contestant on the ‘BusinessStarter’ TV show. He spent 6 years in prison for drug dealing.


Feb __ Steve Linehan, named as CFO (ex-Treasurer of Capital One).

Mar __ ‘Shoulda Been a Boy Bank’ breaks up.

Jul __ Open Music Analytic, a tech startup working with ‘atdc’ (tech startup incubator) at Georgia Tech.

Dec __ CEO files incorporation for (nonprofit) to take our online programs to teen girls in group homes nationwide. Awaiting approval for 501 (c)(3) status by IRS. Proposed launch, 2017.


Feb __ Partner w/ Clayton State University in Atlanta making college a realistic
dream for girls.

Feb __ Ariel arrested on’ assault with deadly weapons’ charges.

Feb __ Meredith Morgan named AVP. of marketing. She interned for 2 years with us.

Mar __ Shalya arrested with her older sister on ‘shoplifting’ charges.

Apr __ Partner w/ Orange Duffel Bag Initiative providing mentor /  tutoring while girls attending Clayton State.

Apr __ Joined by Michelle Simpson, Harvard Law educated entertainment attorney.

May __ All charges dropped against Ariel.

May __ Ariel applies for admission to Clayton State University.

May __ Shayla sees a rainbow after being abandoned by her mother for a third time and told she was going to jail for two years.

Jun __ After months of research and no viable prototype for Music Analytic, Shayla comes up with a viable product idea the first day she is made part of the team.

Jun __ Shayla named a Co-founder of Music Analytic at 17 years of age.

Jul __ Begin building GoFundMe campaign to get Shayla to Atlanta for Music Analytic.

Jul __ Ariel is accepted to Shelton State in Alabama, beginning Jan 2017

Jul __ Made initial contact with Door to Grace. In the future we may partner with
this organization that rescues teen girls from the sex-trafficking trade. We will keep you updated.

Aug __ CONGRATULATIONS! .  .  .  Nine of the original 20 girls in College this year; crushing societies average of 10 percent. We’re making a difference   more …
Aug __ Kristian offered private audition w/ Disney for theme park shows.   more …

Aug __ Summer internships are over. Eleven college interns are promoted within the company and commit to staying until January 2017.   more …