Why words of teen girls launched a record label . . .

“Rob, dreams never come true for us down here!”


.  .  .  When 60 inner-city, disadvantaged little league cheerleaders were asked to write down their dreams on a 3×5 card at a summer camp; the younger ones all wanted to be singers like Beyonce’.

.  .  .  The older girls refused. Whey asked, “Why?” The varsity captain walked to the front of the group.

She said,

“Because we are old enough now to know that dreams will never come true for us down here. We didn’t want to fill out the cards and set ourselves up for another failure. People like you keep coming down here and telling us you are going to help, but you never do. We’re never gettin’ out of here.” 

“So no Rob, we didn’t fill out your stupid little 3×5 cards.”

The words that launched a record label  .   .   .