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What is core business of company?     To provide our clients/artists/mentees with guidance to strive for success in life; be it music or where ever their path leads. Because we believe so strongly that education is a key factor to the success of the young ladies, we require them to be enrolled in school while they are working with the label.

Impetus for starting record label?     The record label was started in 2011 as a response to the words of a teen girl growing up in the projects who spoke at a ‘Break the Teen Pregnancy Cycle’ summer camp. her words .  .  .

Who does label work with?     Our primary client profile consists of disadvantaged young ladies ages 13 – 19 in the pursuit of their dream to have a successful life. We do, however, work with artists outside of our definition of ‘disadvantaged’. Examples of these artists are; Nisey JLonna, Brittany and some others. In addition, we work with both female and male artists in our College Internship Artists™program; they are college students interning for the label. We passionately refer to it as ‘The Coolest Internship on the Planet.”

Are all the artists on the website signed to HRW Music Group?     No, in fact the majority are not. In addition, there are many artists we have worked with that are not on the website at all. Only the artists that have recorded ‘covers’ or original songs are currently shown on the this website.

Given that the company primarily works with teenage girls; where is vetting information? Please see our Vetting Us page on this website.

Why all the skateboard images?
Some of the best times were the hundreds of times the CEO took the girls long boarding at the legendary ‘Bro Bowl’ in Tampa. On the special days; Shayla, Ari and the CEO would ride the elevator to the tenth floor of a downtown Tampa parking garage. They would longboard the ramps at ever quickening and eventually break-neck speeds down and around and around to the bottom. It was cool!