extra 15 minutes on a school night


Shayla_12We can buy you an extra 15 minutes of being on your phone using social media on a school night.

“Say what?” you eagerly ask.

Simple, when your mom comes to say lights out for the night just tell your mom that Shayla pledges 27.5% of their net advertising revenues to help kids everywhere; like feeding starving kids in Africa. Mom, I’m feeding hungry kids, give me another 15 minutes, pretty please!

(please use wisely, not abusing you new found power)

In fact, teen girls spend 4 to 5 hours per day on social media. That’s a lot of ‘girl power’ that can make our world a better place.

“How?” you again eagerly ask.

Simple; companies and organizations that help kids everywhere in the world will be able to use Shayla to set up a ‘Profile Page’, just like you, and record a short 2 / 3 minute video of how they are helping kids and making the world a better place.

Then you, and other users of Shayla, will determine which organizations should receive the 27.5% of the net advertising revenues. These organizations will show up on the ‘Trending Company Videos’ page of Shayla.

 NOW, for the first time ever in the history of the world on a social media platform  .  .  .
 Teen girls will be helping kids in places where it is hardest to be a kid.
Cool right!!!
Kids everywhere say, “Thank you!”