#CinderellaHearts 💕 Draft

  1. ounger our dreams, our hopes were right there, like our breath on a cold, still January morning. We could almost reach out and touch them . . . charging up the hill without hesitation, fearlessly, recklessly chasing those precious dreams of ours.

    Always seeing ourselves in the top spot, never second or third.

    What happened to all of that anyway?
    Standing here now our dreams as if a kite on a taught thin string, feeling the pull.

    If we let loose our grasp we become part of the great social injustice of settling. Feeling but a half-step ahead of winter, our dreams fluttering to the ground.

    Quiet thoughts of our greatness used to consume us, they were us.

    Lately things are somehow different. Life is endlessly getting in the way.

    But, what of that dream of ours?

    You know __ that special dream we keep down in the quiet . . . that one we dare but whisper.

    It’s that dream for which we shall always carry a corner of hope. Even after living all of our life then sliding in sideways at the last second to our grave.

    Just the thought of it tingles.

    Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 11.40.53 AM
    But life slowly grinds our dreams away, us away, making a joke of our promises.

    “Hold on,” we quietly scream, “if it were so easy we would have gotten it done – right?”

    But, maybe we just didn’t quite know how;img_2566

    how to do it, how to make it all fit.

    Now we carefully define, refine our reasons, our excuses for letting go.


    Well I say to you this; “I don’t believe you can’t live your dream – and I never will.”

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter what I believe, does it.

    It only matters what story we tell ourselves.

    And if we don’t think we can – we won’t.

    So what of that dream of ours if we let go?

    Now very softly I say to you, “Make no mistake  __ oh, that dream of yours will get done alright,

    but unfortunately, by someone else.

    Someone else will be living your dream,

    wearing your smiles,

    as the littlest of yellow butterflies swoop, then glide.” — CEO

    the best of us was always our hopes and dreams!