Clayton State University

His name is Dr. Tim Hynes. He’s president of Clayton State University, he’s special.

-Many of our girls are homeless at age 18. Dr. Hynes has offered to keep one of his dorms open year around for our girls so they are not sleeping outside on a park bench in the cold when the other students are home to be with family over Christmas break.

-His admissions office is willing to overlook the arrest records of our girls.

-He will personally write individual letters to the Board of Regents asking for in-state tuition for the girls.

-The assistant director of financial aid has given her personal cell number for the girls to call for help.

.  .  .

We have strategically partnered w/ Clayton State University. And yes, it in Atlanta just down the street from the recording studios. Clever, right!

For our artists under the age of 18 in order to remain in our program there are specific educational requirements that must be meet and maintained.

. . . . . GPA minimum of 2.5

. . . . . SAT (min. math 400, english 430, or ACT min. 17 composite)

These requirements are in place to insure that each of our singers will have the opportunity to attend college at Clayton State University if they so choose with scholarships and financial aid.

Admissions; Help, links and guidelines

Please indicate your student type by following the link below. Your student type will determine which documents you will need to submit along with your application. Summer deadline is approaching quickly – April 15th. If you want to attend for the fall semester then please submit your application by July 15th.

 Student classifications:

Online application:

Financial Aid; Help, links and guidelines

Campus Tours; Help, links and guidelines

Testing Center; SAT & ACT

Additional Resources; Orange Duffel Bag Initiative

This unique non-profit offers programs to kids growing up in foster care with getting into college and provides mentoring to the students once they are attending college. IT’S PERFECT!

. . . . . 12-Week After School Programs: Orange Duffel Bag (“ODB”) provides executive level certified coaching to high school students who are homeless, in foster care, or experiencing high poverty – students at a significantly greater risk of not completing their education.  Read More

. . . . . Coaching for College Completion (CCC): ODB helps young adults with limited resources create an education plan and connects them to solutions for their post secondary success. Read More